Sunday, October 4, 2009

7 months and counting...

Yes, we've been MIA. But for good reason. Lucas has been our center of attention since his birth. Although our culinary adventures have taken a back seat to making sure Lucas grows big, strong and healthy, Dina has been dedicated from month 6 to introducing fresh and healthy solids to get Lucas on the Miche Mâche bandwagon.

From black beans and avocado to matzah ball soup and hummus...Lucas has been devouring everything we put before him, which is leading us to believe he has inherited the foodie chromosome from his parents. We couldn't be prouder.

Although it will take some time for our little miracle child born 5 weeks early to catch up to his peers in size, he makes up for it in personality, attitude and determination. Lucas is almost crawling and progressing overall as well as any baby his age and our hearts swell to see what a happy boy he truly is.

So here's to happy times and keeping an eye on every single moment because they certainly move too quickly.