Tuesday, September 18, 2007

feisty fish

At the Chinese market today, we picked up some Thai birdseye chilies along with some fresh fish. Inspiration for tonight's dinner came from a seafood dinner I had while I was in Maryland last month. The meal I had was basically a fillet of fish topped with a spicy tomato mixture...it was so simple but yet so good and memorable.

Fast forward to tonight's meal, the tomato mixture I made was a combination of those super spicy chili's with some chopped red onion, garlic, parsley, olive oil, lemon juice, and salt & pepper.

The fish was stuffed with lemon and lime slices before grilled on the bbq.

Once it was done, it was topped with this spicy tomato mixture while it was still hot so that the residual heat helped absorb the juices.

We used 3 chilies in this bruschetta-like topping but it was way too spicy. Next time, I would start with 1 chili pepper and then taste to see if we can handle more. It was nose running-ly good.

This was a different way to have fish and although it was super spicy, it was still very flavorful and tasty. We will definitely do this again, and this time take my own advice and start with 1 chili pepper.
Who knew those tiny little guys were so hot??


Annie Ruok said...

I thought that that looked like a lot of those peppers - 3?! Wow, u were brave! Shawn would love me cooking like that - I can't even handle 1/2 of one of those in a dish!!

Hillary said...

Looks really flavorful! I've never cooked with Thai chilies, thanks for showing me one way to!

Meghan said...

your photos are beautiful! this looks great!