Monday, October 8, 2007

the lopsided turkey

When all the dishes were put away and the last sip of wine drunk, I think we could say that it was a successful evening. No real mishaps, except for a too-tart tart and a one-winged turkey.

Yes, you read that right...a 1 winged turkey.

Who would have thought that from all the turkeys to choose from, I would choose the one who lost his wing. Poor guy; wingless and eaten for Thanksgiving.

The menu:

Garlic green beans with slivered almonds
Maple roasted carrots
Parmesan & chive mashed potatoes
Roasted butternut squash
Mixed greens with clementine and red onion
Bread stuffing with sausage and fennel
Turkey gravy

Apple pie
Carrot cake
Key lime pie
Vanilla ice cream

Everything was eaten up, some things more than others but that is expected, I guess. The turkey bones are in a huge pot right now making some stock -- hopefully enough to get two different soups out of it.

I wish I has some pictures of all the side dishes as they were really delicious. The butternut squash was a last minute addition thanks to Aimée who suggested it, as well as pairing sausage and fennel in the stuffing. That was a great addition to the dish.

The highlight of dessert was an apple pie that my sister made. The crust was flaky and tender, with loads of crisp apples.

I also have to mention my too-tart key lime pie that was not the greatest tart but looked very pretty!

And a carrot cake rounded out the dessert table...

So, overall, I think it was great evening with lots of laughter and good food -- everything that we've grown to expect out of Thanksgiving.


ima said...

I find that the key-lime pie was great, not too sweet....I loved it !

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliements...Everything was absolute fabulous..I can still taste the turkey! And I have to admit it was almost as good as mine :)


Aimée said...

Happy Thanksgiving guys! The food looks great! I am so tickled you took a few of my suggestions. Now if you will excuse me, I have to go sleep off back-to-back turkey dinners. :)

Hillary said...

Oooh wow. I've been so jealous of all you Canadian residents this past week - American Thanksgiving needs to just get here already! Happy Thanksgiving and it looks like you had a GREAT menu.