Sunday, March 25, 2007

happy (first) anniversary!

On this day, we celebrate a year of wedded bliss...and what better way to celebrate than with champagne and a special meal?

We cracked open the bottle of champagne given to us on our honeymoon in the Mexican Riviera, dropped in a couple of blackberries and toasted the many happy years to come.

First course was a pound of mussels, steamed in a broth made with vermouth, shallots, cream and pesto. Absolutely delectable.

The main was a rich and earthy risotto that Dina prepared, which was made with champagne, cauliflower, plenty of garlic and onions and grated grana padano cheese. To top it off, a generous sprinkling of homemade bread crumbs, made by processing day old sourdough bread with anchovies, garlic, fresh rosemary and chili flakes. The cauliflower added creaminess, while the crunchy topping added a textural kick. Too delicious for words.

A delicious dinner and the company of someone you love. No better way to celebrate a special occasion. A year of ups and downs, but the ups were plentiful enough to make us forget the few downs we came across.


Annie Ruok said...

Happy Anniversary Dina & Mony! My how the year has flown!

Anonymous said...

So, can we get the recipie for the mussels and the risotto?

Anonymous said...
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