Sunday, March 25, 2007

morning delight

Everyone always ask me why I wake up so early on the weekend. There is just something special waking up before the world does. They are filled with these quiet moments where you don't have to worry or think about the things you need to get done. I look forward to my early weekend mornings all week. They are by far my favourite part of the weekend, and what get me through the long work week.
I usually sit here with the laptop, freshly brewed coffee in hand, catching up on emails and news stories I missed. If I'm lucky, one of the cats will come and snuggle....
One of the many thoughts I have this early morning is that it is our 1 year wedding anniversary today. How did that happen so quickly? It has been a year full of ups and downs, with a ton of laughs. They say the 1st year is the hardest....don't get me wrong, it sure was an adjustment but if this is the hardest it'll ever be, then we sure are in for a fun ride.
There are no combination of words I could say...but I will tell you one thing, we're better when we're together.
when all of this around us falls,
i'll tell you what we're gonna do
you will shelter me, my love
and I will shelter you

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Annie Ruok said...

Your kitties are gettin' chubby! So is Shadow - we call him "Fatty" now, like we used to call my big (deceased) kitty Floffy!