Wednesday, August 8, 2007

CSA: Week 6

This week's CSA share included:

* Beets
* Onions
* Flat green beans
* Arugula
* Patty squash
* Zucchini
* Cucumber
* Parsley
* Coriander
* Lemon balm
* Jalapeños

The coriander we received was like nothing I've seen before. It actually looks like a cross between dill and tarragon, but smells and tastes like coriander (cilantro).
Anyone know the name of this variety?

This week, everything was super-sized. Gorgeous large beets, super long green beans, and yellow squash the size of our cat's head!

Check out the zucchini we received. It's massive -- a whopping 18 inches!
What should I make with it??
(Mony doesn't like zucchini bread so that's out...)


Annie Ruok said...

Wow - more patty squash! Mmmm...lemon balm - excellent for tea! Maybe make a grilled veggie salad with the big zuchini to bring to Safta's on Sat (hint, hint!) - heh, heh!

ima said...

I saw recently on a cooking show , they cut up the zucchini in long and thick sticks, season them with salt and pepper and a splash of lemon juice and a few garlic cloves whole, baked in the oven in an aluminum pouch, can be done in parchment paper too, a few drops of olive oil and some butter too,for 20 minutes on 450.

Patricia Scarpin said...

Deena, I made this baked risotto a while ago, and it turned out really good!

Shawn said...

Hi Mony,

The coriander you received is of the 'Delfino' variety. The foliage is unique in that you can use them in dishes calling for leaves to be finely chopped. Fresh Delfino leaves should be stored with stems in a glass container of water.

Now, how do I know this you may ask? Come one, Mone, I'm now in Paris--one of the food capitals of the world...