Wednesday, August 15, 2007

CSA: Week 7

This week's CSA share included:

* Swiss chard
* Onions
* Flat green beans
* Chives
* Patty squash
* Cucumber
* Tomatoes
* Garlic
* Jalapeños

Check out the colour on those tomatoes!

I'm looking forward to us trying out some new dishes with this fresh crop...


Annie Ruok said...

Just wondering, with the steady flow of veggies & u guys being only 2, do you ever get a surplus to the point that things start to go bad & you have to throw them out? I find if I do too big of a grocery at the local fruit/veg store, sometimes I regret buying so much and things go to waste, which I hate! We so want to look into participating in a CSA next yr tho, so that's why I ask!

deeeeeeena said...

Luckily, we haven't had an issue with anything going bad. For some reason, these veggies will last for a few weeks without any spoilage. Since we cook almost daily, we do use up the majority of the CSA share pretty easily. It also helps that we take salads and similar things for work lunches.