Saturday, June 28, 2008

a farmer's market snack

That, my friends, was a perfect little shared lunch that we had at the farmer's market. It was a smoked Italian sausage in a crusty, chewy bun. The topping was a marinated eggplant pickle. It was delicious!

There is nothing better then walking around the market, snacking on tasty little things, and picking up produce for dinner that night. If you haven't been to your local market yet this summer, please go support your local farmers and enjoy a tasty snack or two.

On an unrelated note, I wanted to take this opportunity to post a follow up to last week's mango topic. I found this post that captured the mango's (and mango merchants) of India and I wanted to share it with all of you. His photo's are beautiful and I hope you'll take a moment to check them out.


ima said...

I love sausages and this one looks so good....what a day to be outside !!

ima said...

Oh my god ....mountains and mountains of Mangos....our favorite fruit !!!!!

wheneatingawolf said...

Hi Dina,

Thanks so much for naming the mango dessert and when looking through your blog I saw you mentioned Alphonso mangoes. I remember the Rus being made from Alphonso's and it was delicious.

Do you have a recipe? Would you like to post it with me in that article and we can link back to you?

I read you are over mangoes which is understandable growing up with boxes of them.

And now I just realized that maybe this is a really simple recipe, something like: Puree. Done.

Even if it is, some more official advice on how to prepare it would be good.

Also, thanks for the link.

Hillary said...

Eggplant pickle, eh? Never heard of that before. Yum!

Anonymous said...

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