Tuesday, May 22, 2007

dining & whining

After a fun and indulgent weekend (that even lasted a day longer than it should have), we're trying to eat better.

And when I say we're, I mean me.

It's very hard to go back to eating well when you have a few days of eating carelessly. Unfortunately, I do not have the metabolism to sustain more than a few days of it, so it's back to normal (aka mundane) dinners for me while my husband still enjoys the good life. I'm not resentful...okay maybe just a bit....but I decided to create a delicious, healthy dinner for myself to make myself feel better.

We took advantage of tonight's great weather and decided to grill out....while Mony decided to have sausages for dinner, I decided a chicken breast would be a healthier option for me. I marinated my chicken in a spoonful of plain yogurt, a dash of adobo powder, chopped parsley, and a mashed up chipotle pepper. The cooling yogurt helped keep the heat in check and balanced the flavours nicely.

Mony's fierce bbq'ing skills ensured that I had a juicy piece of meat. Even though he cooked the chicken thoroughly, he made sure it wasn't cooked as dry as cardboard (my pet peeve).

And as much as he was looking forward to eating his version of dinner, I saw him eyeing my chicken...and like a good wife, I shared.

Maybe, just maybe, I can lure him over to the other (healthier) side....

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mike said...

You make chicken look so gooood!