Thursday, May 24, 2007

turning up the heat

Maybe the first place you think of going when it's 30 degrees outside isn't in front of a blazing fire, but when it comes to cooking in our household, grilling is one of our top summer pastimes, regardless of the temperature outdoors.

We picked up a pair of inexpensive sirloin steaks and decided to shake things up by turning them into some delicious kabobs. Steaks make the juiciest and most tender kabobs, so try to avoid using those stewing beef cubes they sell in the meat section of the grocery store, as they get way too tough.

We merely cut up the steaks into cubes and seasoned them with montreal steak spice and skewered them with onion and green pepper pieces in between. Grilled at a high heat for less than 5 minutes per side for medium rare, the meat ended up juicy and flavourful.


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