Wednesday, May 23, 2007

for the love of mango

I am not usually the biggest fan of mango's but this one was so incredibly good; it was definitely post worthy.

Imported from India, it was unlike any other mango we've ever had. It was sweet, smooth, and juicy -- unlike the stringy, chalky Mexican mango's we usually find in the grocery stores. This one was perfectly ripe, almost on the bring of being too well done.
Mango's are usually overlooked in the shops but they must be one of the best fruits out there. They are so exotic yet conveniently available at all the stores down the street. Mango season is just starting so make sure you get your fill this summer.

Go eat a mango. Pronto.
No need to thank me.


Erin said...

Oh wow! That color is amazing..I REALLY feel like some fresh fruit now....

Annie Ruok said...

On the weekend, Julie brought 3 yellow-skinned mangoes to the cottage - she cut up the 2 smaller ones for our pancakes & ended up sending the large one home with us cuz we had so much other fruit - I made a salad with it with arugula, leftover bbq chicken, green onions & grilled zucchini & mushrooms - these mangoes were divine & a far cry from the "Mexican chalky stringy ones" we normally buy - don't know where these were from, but they were heavenly & looked exactly like yours!