Saturday, June 9, 2007

bitter sweet ending

So the afternoon was coming to an end and the perfect finale would have to be dessert. I made a homemade frozen yogurt that can compete with the best of them. It had a distinct yogurt flavour, unlike the store bought varieties. It is the simplest recipe with only 3 ingredients. It had strained yogurt, sugar, and raspberries (added at the end).
That's it.

Churn it in your favourite ice cream maker and it's ready to eat. Unfortunately, my ice cream maker broke down after churning this last batch, but what a way to go. It's actually a blessing in disguise because now I can go out a get a shiny new one!

Joanna brought an angel food cake that was a nice addition to our light summery meal...

Along with an orange-chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting. Chocolate lovers could overdose on this cake.

No dessert course is complete without fresh fruit and Jenn did not disappoint. Her platter included fresh papaya, melon, grapes, and pineapple.

All in all, I think it was successful afternoon. It was nice looking around and seeing everyone enjoying themselves. Hopefully, Shawn can take these memories with him and know that we'll be waiting for his safe arrival home.

I also hope that this becomes a Father's Day tradition as nothing says love like a good bbq meal that we all put our hearts into.


mony said...

Wow. Just Wow. What a feast this was from start to finish. I'm a lucky, lucky man.

ima said...


erin said...

So is a shiney new kitchenaid attachment in order? An early bday present for yourself?!?

Annie Ruok said...

I loved that frozen yogurt - better than any store bought or parlour because it has that sourness yogurt should have that you don't taste in any other frozen yogurt!

Shawn said...

Hi, from Paris. I know it's a bit late but, Dina & Mony, thank you for hosting such an impressive meal.

I'll try to take some foodie pix in Paris for your blog.

Bonjour Montréal!

Leonora said...

People should read this.