Sunday, June 10, 2007

a fitting conclusion

Still digesting the unusually anticlimactic finale of the Sopranos, at least our tummies were satisfied from a delicious helping of angel hair pasta. The final episode will definitely keep us talking for a while. What happened to the family? Did they all survive? Does the legacy continue past what we are able to see? Regardless of the outcome, the show ended around a dinner table with the family all together, much like the way Dina and I spend quality time during dinner. See our entry about the season premiere for a good example.

We couldn't have asked for better weather this weekend, so we took advantage and ate all of today's meals on the patio. Tonight's dinner was right up my alley. Angel hair pasta with a pesto cream sauce dotted with shrimp and scallops.

The key to this delicious concoction was a blend of fresh herbs, straight from our little outdoor garden. Freshly picked sage, parsley, basil, summer savoury and oregano brightened up the dish and set it apart from your standard pesto cream sauce. Since we'll be away from our garden for over a week at the end of the month, we thought it would be a good idea to pick the leaves and allow time for some new ones to fill themselves in.

Although one would typically drink a white wine with such a meal, we were in the mood for a dry red and cracked open the aforementioned Tempranillo-Cabernet blend to pair with this rather rich pasta dish.

We were honoured to salute the famiglia with this lavish meal and hope that they will continue to spend time around the dinner table together. We know that we certainly will.


Annie Ruok said...

Looks really yummy....that seemed to be a short last season of Soprano's...barely 2 months, no?

Mike said...

I'm still torn about the ending. I do have to say that I will miss the family. Here's to them...

deeeeeeena said...

Tony: Listen to me, this guy was a Russian green beret. He was in the ministry of the interior or something. He single-handedly killed 16 Chechen rebels.
Paulie: All right.
[hangs up]
Chris: What did he say?
Paulie: He said the guy killed 16 Czechoslovakians, and he was an interior decorator.
Chris: Interior decorator? His appartment looked like shit.