Tuesday, June 12, 2007

hamburger tuesday's

Hamburger Tuesday.
I think this should be a National holiday.

Hamburgers are delicious but what makes them so good? Is it a thick patty or a soft bun? Is it crispy onions or sweet tomatoes? Everyone has their own version of a perfect burger. And ours is pretty simple.....lean ground beef with a generous amount of salt and pepper. Condiments include swiss cheese, red onions, tomatoes, pickles, iceburg lettuce plus all the basics like honey mustard, ketchup, and mayo.

The hamburger bun plays a large part in the enjoyment of a burger. This one was a new discovery for us. PC brand now has a thin bun that is not only whole wheat but it is loaded with 10 grains. The lean bun is wonderful because you actually taste the burger and you're not just eating a mouthful of soft squishy bread.

To add to the nostalgia, we made ice cold rootbeer floats. Whoever thought to put ice cream (frozen yogurt in our case) into a glass of soda is a genious. It's that good.


Annie Ruok said...

Hey we just discovered these buns too, shortly before Shawn left, so he did not even get to taste how delicious they are - the best invention ever, cuz I've been avoiding hamburger buns for yrs now because I found them wayyy too bready! I've had a mushroom burger & a homemade veggie burger in them so far - delicious!

ima said...

where do you buy those buns, I couldn't find them.....

mony said...

You can find them at Maxi or Loblaws. They are President's Choice brand. They're available in white or whole grain.