Thursday, April 12, 2007

everything but the kitchen sink

One of the great things about living in our area is the abundance of farms nearby. We are extremely lucky that we are able to enjoy 'country living' so close to the city.
Last weekend, we picked up a carton of fresh brown eggs from a local farmer and decided to use them in tonight's dinner.

Our frittatas usually consist of bits and pieces of the week's leftovers.
Tonight, while rummaging through the fridge, we found leftover roasted vegetables, a bit of spaghetti squash, some peppers, a nub of parmesan cheese, and best of all some fresh herbs (parsley, thyme, and basil). These simple ingredients turned into a delicious vegetable herb frittata. I enjoy making this dish because it's a fast weekday meal and wholesome - not to mention the fact that it cleans out the fridge. This is the perfect dish because there is no messy flipping involved, and it is effortless to make. And yet, the finished product looks and tastes like you worked so hard to prepare a comforting meal.
There was something special about tonight's dinner....I don't know if it was the fact that Sam Cooke was playing on the stereo while we waited for the frittata to become puffy and crisp in the oven, or if it was because it felt like spring in our home, even though right outside the kitchen window were big, fat snowflakes falling....whatever it was, it was a good night.


erin said...

My nonna used to make the greatest frittata, loaded with lots or potatoes and onions. She would act all surprised when we would say that we loved it - mangiamo friii-ta-taaa.

mom said...

Thank God for internet.....missed your posts ....... great ideas for dinner this frittata.......