Sunday, April 29, 2007

spicing it up

After a nice relaxing weekend, we thought it would be fitting to end it off with a little spice. It's quite clear by now that one of our favorite types of cuisine is Thai food and tonight was another great meal that woke up our tastebuds and helped get us ready for another work week.

Pad Thai is one of those classics that any Thai food connoisseur can't help but love. Some sweetness and some spice with some healthy starches (rice noodles) and the crunch of bean sprouts and ground peanuts for texture.

Pad Thai may seem like a complicated multi-layer dish, but it's exceedingly simple to make. In a wok, cook one egg in two tablespoons of vegetable oil and add some raw, peeled shrimp. Then add some sliced red peppers, bean sprouts and some rice noodles (which were softened in some nearly boiling water for a few minutes) and stir-fry quickly. Then add the sauce, made by combining tamarind sauce, fish sauce, soy sauce, garlic chili sauce and some lime juice. Top it off with some chopped peanuts and you're done!

Better than takeout and a delicious Sunday meal.


Annie Ruok said...

I never knew making Pad Thai was so easy - I must try this - only thing we don't have is the tamarind sauce (where can u get it?)

deeeeeeena said...

you can find tamarind sauce in an ethnic market, but i'm sure you could sub regular sugar as well. Tamarind sauce is a bit sweet and sour, so you should probably add some lime juice as well.

Annie Ruok said...

I actually make a version of pad thai with a premade sauce that has tamarind sauce in it....I make the dish with buckwheat or spelt linguini, snow peas & shrimp & topped with raw green onions, so very different from a real pad thai but good, fast & easy!