Friday, April 27, 2007

jamaican me hungry

With all this talk about Jamaica this week, what would be more appropriate then a tribute to the beautiful country?
Friday night's quick dinner was BBQ'ed jerk chicken wings. The marinade was a complex mixture of spices, a touch of sugar, and a bit of soy sauce and vinegar to balance it out. The result was a firey, delicious mess.


Kenny said...

Everyttttiiinnnngggg isss Eyrrreeeee Mannnnnn, It looks very appealing. I need to taste it right now.. Takeeee ittttt eeeasssyyyyy.

Annie Ruok said...

Made u crave jamaican food - ha ha! We brought home da real deal (jamaican marinade) but we haven't made jerk chicken yet - Shawn won't bbq in the rain so we're waiting for a nice night!