Wednesday, July 25, 2007

CSA: Week 4

This week's CSA share included:

* Purple Broccoli
* Beets
* Kale
* Swiss Chard
* Purple Beans
* Zucchini
* Patty Squash
* Chives
* Parsley
* Basil
* Fennel Fronds

We received a good variety this week. I'm excited to try the beets but does anyone know if the beet greens are edible? Also, what do you do with kale?


ima said...

Kale you saute with olive oil garlic and lemon juice, I tasted it once...not crazy about it...

Annie Ruok said...

You can prepare beet greens same way as the collard greens (better to blanch them in boiling water before sauteeing them in the oil & garlic). Or, this recipe looks good :

Annie Ruok said...

I love those little patty squash - I never buy them cuz they charge so much for them in the fruit stores!

erin said...

Dina, a lot of Italians use kale. My mom puts it in soups, and even in pasta dishes.

Chelsey said...

Hi! I've just got to say that I just devoured nearly a whole month's worth of your blog and loved every minute of it! I just wish I could afford to buy the quality ingredients you talk about.

Anyway, onto my suggestion for the Kale, hoping it's not too late. It is really good in a soup my mom makes with a good spicy italian sausage, kale, onions, bacon, potatoes, veggie broth or chicken stock, cream (whipping) and cayanne...una sopa fantastica!!