Saturday, July 21, 2007

early celebrations

This morning we got up bright and early to start my birthday celebrations. Our plans were to head down to the plateau (the artsy part of Montreal) and enjoy breakfast on a patio somewhere. Where we ended up was Caffe ArtJava. This place is constantly being talked about as a local gem. I knew they were known for beautiful, smooth espresso based drinks but what I didn't know is that they also had unique breakfast options.

One thing you'll know about us is that whenever we go out, we always come back with a story. You see, Mony is not a very big coffee drinker. He enjoys a cup here and there but would choose a glass of orange juice over a cup of coffee on most days...but today wasn't one of them. Like a pro, he ordered a macchiato while I ordered a latte. This is a guy who is used to ordering a caramel macchiato at Starbucks and was assuming that this was something similar (basically a caramel latte). However, Caffe ArtJava is an authentic coffee house and Starbucks is not. Here and everywhere else, a macchiato is a shot of espresso with a drop of milk. And that is exactly what he got...except it was incredibly beautiful...

My latte was equally beautiful and delicious. Even though a latte is a shot of espresso with milk, it was not heavy or 'milky' at all. The espresso was smooth and not acidic or burnt.

The milk foam was thick and not just a layer on top of the was embedded throughout and had a luxurious mouth feel.

Our meals were also just as good. There were many unique options that made it hard to choose but we ended up with a berry stuffed french toast and banana-chocolate waffles. Those who know us well, will be able to figure out who got what.

Both were delicious and rich...a little too rich for my taste but perfect for a once a year birthday breakfast. I would instantly go back to enjoy their lattes and maybe try a savory breakfast. Truthfully, I would go all the way there even just for a perfect latte.

Oh and by the way, Mr. Not-used-to-a-real-macchiato drank all his up.


Annie Ruok said...

Beautiful pix - coffee looked delicious and the food decadent!

ima said...

Now I understand why you did not have coffee at our place today, I CAN'T BLAME YOU ! LOOKS DELICIOUS !
Where is this place exactly ?????