Thursday, July 12, 2007

a salad with substance

Tonight we decided to use the bounty of our CSA goods to make a hearty salad. We used greens that included leaf lettuce, chicory, and mustard greens. We also added radishes, green onions, and kohlrabi. I've never had kohlrabi before but Mony had. He was very excited when he saw that we received it this week. It's a funny looking root vegetable, that has a similar texture to a crisp apple. Oddly, it tastes like a delicious broccoli stem. You can certainly experiment with whatever vegetables you have available to you. We also added hard boiled eggs to give the salad that creamy, rich feel without the calories.

The chicken was marinated in various herbs and then grilled on the bbq. It came out extremely juicy and flavourful. The dressing for the salad was a simple one made with oil and vinegar and a dash of whole grain mustard.
This was a great dinner..hearty and summery all in one.

Grilled Herb Chicken

2 chicken breasts
4 tablespoons various chopped herbs*

2 cloves garlic

1 tablespoon lemon juice

olive oil
salt & pepper

Slice chicken breasts into strips. Chop garlic and herbs finely. Add lemon juice and enough olive oil to form a loose paste. Season to taste. Marinate chicken for at least a half hour.
*the fresh herbs we used were from our herb garden (tarragon, thyme, summer savoury, basil, parsley, etc.) but you could use any combination that you have.


ima said...

yummy ! love your great imagination and good taste !

Mary said...

How do you get the herbs to stay on the chicken? Don't they burn when you grill it?

deeeeeeena said...

The olive oil helps it stay on, plus prevents the herbs from burning (the herbs are wet so they won't burn).